Shrink Your Search Space

Yesterday at work, a colleague had what I think is a common issue for developers: Code was behaving incorrectly, and he couldn’t see why. We’ve all been there; the trick is not hanging out. Today I’m going to talk about two great developers I follow online, Safia Abdalla and Eric Lippert, and what we can learn from them about not getting stuck in a debug issue. Continue reading “Shrink Your Search Space”

Gosu and Special Cases

I’m always looking for side projects that are the right mix of feasible, fun, relevant to my career, and interesting. Recently I joined Excella’s Ruby Book Club, and started a side project that is just the right mix: A silly retro game in Ruby!

The game is built on the gem gosu. Gosu does the actual C++ calls to deal with I/O and graphics, and gives you nice, pretty Ruby abstractions so you can draw rectangles and ask whether the spacebar is down. I’m having a blast so far.

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Book Recommendation: Ruby Under a Microscope

When I started Ruby, I wanted to learn the language in some real depth. I asked a few coworkers, “What is the C# In Depth of Ruby?” Eventually, someone recommended Ruby Under a Microscope. This book helps me see through some Ruby magic and understand a little bit better. Scott Hanselman recently posted that some people learn from the metal up, wanting to understand CPUs and compilers, and some people learn from the glass back, making something the user can see, then tackling technical details as needed. I am definitely a metal-up learner, and Ruby Under a Microscope is definitely a metal-up book. There are almost as many code samples in Ruby bytecode as in Ruby.

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