Two Encouraging Technology Podcasts

I love audio books and podcasts. Today I’m going to recommend two podcasts: Hanselminutes and Developer on Fire. (Note: I believe “on fire” refers to being super productive, energetic, or motivated, not to being involuntarily oxidized.)

I find both these podcasts motivating and encouraging. Motivation and encouragement are things that I’m starting to value very highly in this industry. Everyone who writes code long enough will have at some point the experience of spending an afternoon trying to make something work, and then realizing that there was a silly typo, or that they were editing the wrong source code file, or that they were missing a pair of parentheses somewhere. Having the wrong attitude about this sort of experience can really ruin one’s day, so it’s important to hear encouraging or motivational talk occasionally.

Developer on Fire is motivating and encouraging because the host always asks his guests to share a story of failure. Now, his guests are famous enough and successful enough software engineers that they get interviewed on podcasts, write books, speak at conferences, etc., so hearing stories of how they’ve failed and how they’ve dealt with it is encouraging. A high percentage of his guests talk about learning from this failure and making it a success; they’ll say how they had to decide to own up to their mistake and press on. I love hearing these stories.

Hanselminutes is encouraging for another reason: Scott Hanselman, the host, is just really encouraging. I’ve never met the man, but listening to him talk in my headphones every week makes it feel like I know him, and if I could make one guess at his thoughts it would be this: He genuinely hopes for and rejoices in the success of others. Go listen to the podcast to see what I mean. Here is someone who does great things with technology, who is genuinely happy when other people do great things with technology, and really lets it show. The informational content of the podcast is great, but even if it weren’t, the feeling that Scott is rooting for you, or would be if he knew you, is worth the time of listening by itself.

I really recommend you check out both these podcasts. Till next time, happy learning!


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